Officer Positions    First      Last           Phone
Faithful Navigator                   George              Stragand           303-794-4753
Faithful Friar                             Jack                    Sutton               720-482-9356
Faithful Captain                       Joseph               Wuest                 303-904-0117
Faithful Admiral                       Calton              Hargrave            303-798-2018

Faithful Pilot                              Carl                  Kruse                   303-794-6541
Faithful Comptroller                Jack                 Mascio                 303-421-7774
Faithful Purser                          Roy                   Ladewig              303-881-2314
Faithful Scribe                           Donald             Norton               303-537-8851
Inner Sentinel                            Wayne             Ives                      720-524-7245
Outer Sentinel                            Andy               Vu                         720-339-2721
One Year Trustee                       Roger             Ryan                     303-795-7030
Two Year Trustee                       Robert           Kernan                 303-798-4804
Three Year Trustee                    Bill                 Wagener               303-798-4804

Color Corps Commander          Jack                Mascio                  303-908-5672

Saint Mary's Assembly 3471 Founded 04.23.2014

Saint Mary's Assembly 3471 Officers

2017 - 2018 Columbian Year

Our New Sir Knights to our assembly,  

On Saturday, June 24 there was a Fourth Degree exemplification at St Francis Cabrini Parish in Littleton.  St. Mary’s assembly sent five candidates, and you can see how happy they are with that smile.

Knights of Columbus Council 3340 Dr. Earl C. Bach