Officer Positions    First      Last           Phone
Faithful Navigator                   George              Stragand           303-794-4753
Faithful Friar                             Jack                    Sutton               720-482-9356
Faithful Captain                       Joseph               Wuest                 303-904-0117
Faithful Admiral                       Calton              Hargrave            303-798-2018

Faithful Pilot                              Carl                  Kruse                   303-794-6541
Faithful Comptroller                Jack                 Mascio                 303-421-7774
Faithful Purser                          Roy                   Ladewig              303-881-2314
Faithful Scribe                           Donald             Norton               303-537-8851
Inner Sentinel                            Wayne             Ives                      720-524-7245
Outer Sentinel                            Andy               Vu                         720-339-2721
One Year Trustee                       Roger             Ryan                     303-795-7030
Two Year Trustee                       Robert           Kernan                 303-798-4804
Three Year Trustee                    Bill                 Wagener               303-798-4804

Color Corps Commander          Jack                Mascio                  303-908-5672

Saint Mary's Assembly 3471 Founded 04.23.2014

2017 - 2018 Columbian Year

Saint Mary's Assembly 3471 Officers

Knights of Columbus Council 3340 Dr. Earl C. Bach 

Our New Sir Knights to our assembly,  

On Saturday, June 24 there was a Fourth Degree exemplification at St Francis Cabrini Parish in Littleton.  St. Mary’s assembly sent five candidates, and you can see how happy they are with that smile.